220V/50Hz to 120V/60Hz

If you buy in USA from a professional Audio store or Amazon, products from Marantz PM-10 Amp, Shinola Turntables to Yamaha and Onkyo Audio systems which are designed to operate on 120 volts and 60 Hz Frequency and want to take it internationally and use it overseas where the main power grid source is 220 volts and 50 Hz frequency, you now have a reliable voltage and frequency converter that doubles as a power conditioner/regenerator.

EMI / RFI Filter

PowerXchanger provides sophisticated electronics, it includes input and output EMI and RFI filters, and produces continuous power at over 92% efficiency and with output Harmonic distortion below 3%. High levels of regulation ensure 120v~60Hz output with fluctuations below ± 2%, making it the ideal conversion device for taking high-end audio and home theater equipment overseas.

Power Factor Correction

PowerXchanger is a power regenerator with Power Factor Correction (PFC). It is a premiere choice for powering audio equipment to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. With its clean sinewave output (typically < 1%THD) and with virtually no change in amplitude due to input voltage fluctuations and output load transients, audio equipment will always function with optimal performance. Because the output of the X-15 regulates so well, another advantage to the audiophile is that other equipment powered by the X-15, such as HDTVs and DVRs, will not introduce noise or distortion to the audio output via the common power connection.


Not only will electrical equipment perform better, but the X-5 also acts as an advanced voltage regulator, which fully protects equipment against voltage irregularities, such as under INPUT voltage as low as 180Vac and over voltage as high as 265Vac and provides an appliance with inrush surge protection of up to 150 Amps.


You can now operate your USA made Shinola Turntable internationally!

This customer purchased their audio equipment in America and moved to the UK. Due to the synchronous motor in the turntable, it can only operate using a 120v 60Hz power source. A step-down transformer will only convert the voltage. Without a frequency converter, the speed of the turntable will still run 16% slower due to the 50Hz frequency.

Thanks to the PowerXchanger Voltage and Frequency Converter, the Shinola Turntable can get the 120v 60Hz power it needs without changing the motor. You can now take your Shinola Runwell Turntable anywhere in the world!